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It is a spray type and is sprayed like a mist, so if you push it 2.3 times, you can wear the hat in a refreshed and comfortable state.
It can be used not only for hats, but also for caps, knit hats, and clothing.
Since the hat is sealed, it tends to be filled with moisture and odors.
Since it has deodorant and antibacterial effects, you can get a long-lasting effect by sweating a lot and using it not only in summer but also regularly in all seasons.
It is an item you want to have as a hat care product.

[ Precautions for use ] 
When used on wool, knit, synthetic leather, leather, rabbit, mink, and fur (fox), basically it will not stain unless it is dirty.
Since it is the same as normal water, if it is dirty, it tends to have scaly marks, so it is effective to apply it evenly to prevent it from being new, or to brush the hat after use after spraying. is. After that, spraying before and after use is ideal.
* It is characterized by its sustainability. It is not immediate effect.

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Ingredients: water, ethanol, antibacterial agent, deodorant Contents: 50 ml
Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges.
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