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WOLFMAN BARBER SHOP original hair water.
The scent pursued by Mr. Sohara, the owner of WOLFMAN BARBER SHOP, who has an outstanding fashion sense, has finally been completed.

This is a special hair water that uses WOLFMAN's original fragrance, which is based on the idea that if a man smells like this, it will be popular.
It features a gentle and clean scent that is neither an old man nor a child, with a refreshing scent woven into a woody scent.
Since it contains 10 times more fragrance than you normally use, it has a fascinating scent when you pass by someone or when the wind blows.
Perfumes and colons are also recommended for those who have a strong scent and resistance.

Use it before setting your hair for effective styling.
Also, because it contains oil, it can be used as a hair styling product or as a hair styling product.
It is also recommended for those who do not usually use hair styling products, those with long hair, and those with dry hair.
It can also be recommended for women, so it can also be used as a share cosmetic.
Also, for those who use pomade to make a perfect decision, using pomade after applying this hair water will surprisingly improve the growth.
The original design container is designed by GLAD HAND.

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Capacity: 250 ml
Fragrance: Woody scent
Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: 6203028