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SIZE/レギュラー完売の場合はサイズオーダー(S/O)よりお選び下さい。: 58cm



Based on THE FAT HATTER ORIGINAL's finest beaver 100x, it is the finest beaver hat built with THE FAT HATTER full specs such as 38mm width double ribbon, wind catcher, thick piping, lining, pomade guard, etc.
Beaver hair is extremely rare, the supply is not stable, and it takes time to squeeze and finish, so it is the most expensive felt hat, but its texture is the best that sets it apart from the others. thing.
It is a longing item that hat enthusiasts will reach last, and since we manufacture a very rare beaver felt with a full bespoke order that gives detailed instructions on size, gram number, and finish, it is a beaver hat that is on the market. By comparison, it will be a beaver hat that is one stroke higher.
In addition, our hat manufacturing method is particular about the manufacturing method from the wooden mold that was popular until around 1950. The manufacturing method from the wooden pattern takes a considerable amount of time and skill, but we finish it with the technique that can finish the original goodness of beaver felt most beautifully. Only the customer who picks it up can taste the finest texture.

THE FAT HATTER original HAT BOX is included.

Hair (beaver)


58cm, 60cm
* We accept size orders for the new color CHARCOAL only.
* The size order will end as soon as the materials run out.

Height 13 cm
Brim 8.5cm
Ribbon width 38mm
Piping width 18mm (up 9mm)
Slippery cowhide wind catcher lining TFH original / silver color (with pomade guard)