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SIZE/レギュラー完売の場合はサイズオーダー(S/O)よりお選び下さい。: 58cm (S/O)



THE FAT HATTER FACTORY & CO thinks that it is deep and has a sense of security when worn.
An adult cap that can be worn when you want to take off your hat once in a while.
There are times like that, such as driving a car and hitting a hat,
When playing with children, on windy days, shopping in the neighborhood with your wife, etc.
A hat is just a little, without breaking the style at such times,
A cap that can be worn as it is has been completed by incorporating THE FAT HATTER ism.

The material is dead stock fabric made in Japan around 1970. A gift from a fabric manufacturer that supported the brand behind the scenes while Japanese fashion brands were active around the world.
The center bag has a D-ring and is engraved with THE FAT HATTER.
A dog tag imitating a brass tag is also attached,
You can also use it as a key chain by cutting the four corners of the thread.
In addition, all metal parts are dyed and discolored in antique gold in the factory, demonstrating the perverted way.

We are demonstrating transformation even in invisible parts.
The brim core usually uses a plastic cutting die,
Several layers of canvas are layered, each one is made by hand and housed in the brim.
Made with FACTORY & CO's original brim pattern, which is not available in the world,
When you bend the brim and put it on, you can feel the effort and coolness.

When it comes to sliding, THE FAT HATTER is I-stitch sliding. Of course, FACTORY & CO also uses I-stitch slides.

The lining uses original jacquard fabric with a stamp, woven with satin weave.

*Because it is a deadstock fabric, there may be changes over time, stains, and wormholes. At FACTORY&CO, we regard everything as an A product because of the characteristics and taste of the product. Thank you for your understanding.
*Because it is a dead stock fabric, it will be discontinued as soon as the fabric runs out, and it will be virtually impossible to re-release the same product.
*The composition is unknown because it is a deadstock fabric. Please note.

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regular size
58cm, 60cm
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58 cm,
60 cm

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Product Dimensions: Brim/6.7cm, Crown Height/12cm

Country of Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number:3231008