CHEERS / 200g Rabbit Quality

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SIZE/レギュラー完売の場合はサイズオーダー(S/O)よりお選び下さい。: 55cm (S/O)



These hats are made one by one at THE FAT HATTER's shop using the original wooden pattern of THE FAT HATTER.

A rabbit hat made in the studio of THE FAT HATTER using a custom-made rabbit felt weighing 200g.
A normal rabbit hat weighs 100g, but by using a material that weighs 200g, it becomes a thicker and firmer hat and its presence increases.
Because of the thick and solid material, the surface of the hat can be processed, and it is possible to finish it with a firm and moist feel that is the same as a beaver.

The process of putting it in a wooden pattern in the golden age of the hat is reproduced as it is, and the length of the crown and brim, which is the largest size possible with THE FAT HATTER at present, is produced, and the hat is finished with an overwhelming sense of volume. ..

The wooden pattern is an original wooden pattern that fits the Japanese head, so we are particular about how easy it is to wear.
After the open crown, make a pinch with steam and hand shape.
It is a model with an original lining, made with attention to detail, including ribbons and slips.

THE FAT HATTER original HAT BOX is included.

Hair (200g rabbit felt)


Regular size
58cm, 60cm
Order size
55cm, 56cm, 57cm, 58cm, 59cm,
60cm, 61cm, 62cm

Height 13.5 cm
Brim 9cm
Ribbon 38mm
Piping 10mm (up 5mm)
Slippery cowhide lining polyester

Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges. please note that.
Inquiry number: TFH042