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素材種類: RABBIT FUR FELT / ラビット素材(ファープレーン・ベロア)

To that important person ...
Why don't you give HAT ORDER TICKET to your loved ones such as family, friends and lovers?
I want to give a hat as a gift, but I don't know the size or taste.
As a special gift, I would like to present an original product, not an off-the-shelf product.
For those who want to give only one gift in the world or who are having trouble with what to give, we will surely make it an opportunity to please.

Hat orders that are only accepted at flagship stores can be ordered if you have this ticket.

You can choose from various materials such as wool, rabbit, and beaver.
WOOL FELT has a limited number of shapes. If you want to make an original shape, we recommend materials of RABIT FELT or higher.
If you have any questions about selecting materials or have any questions about your order ticket, please feel free to contact us.
* When purchasing an order ticket, please read the following notes carefully and be careful not to make a mistake.

* This ticket can only be used with THE FAT HATTER TOKYO / THE FAT HATTER VISTA CLUB operated by gimixed Co., Ltd.
* This ticket will not be reissued under any circumstances (lost, burnt, damaged, etc.). Please be careful about management.
* This ticket has no expiration date.
* This ticket cannot be exchanged for cash. Also, please note that even large ticket shops cannot be cashed.
* This ticket is made to order and can be exchanged for products.
* For the design of the order hat with this ticket, please come to our shop and decide the design with our employees. Telephone and web support is not available.
* You cannot choose any material other than those listed on the surface.
* Regarding the design, it will be the design of the main body, ribbon, piping, slip (inner tape). Other than that, a separate fee will be charged.
* You can choose your favorite hat shape from the wooden patterns we prepare. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request.
* The size can be made from 55cm to 62cm.
* It takes about one month from design decision to delivery. We will inform you about the production schedule when deciding the design.
* We will not accept any returns for the convenience of the customer, such as when the design is decided and the product is handed over, which is different from the image or changed. It cannot be remade.

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