As for the felt hat, stylish saliva wide size is recommended! Measure of big size, small size preparation hat size

A felt hat is one of the items which are indispensable to the stylish fashion which is a mode. I realize saliva wide のものは in particular, sexy wearing. There are a lot of people not to know the size of the hat even if I know the size of one's clothes and shoes.

Because THE FAT HATTER introduces measure of the hat size here, please do it for reference. Let's choose the thing which is good to size, oneself including size having a small it big.

I check it before purchasing a felt hat! Measure of the hat size


There will be much one that I do not understand to the size of the hat even if I know the size of clothes and shoes. The hat which bought somehow is tight, and have a pain in it; to be oversized, and to fall immediately; not to make any thing of the hat size measure it, and let's know the.

Measure of the size of the head

I prepare the measure of a gentle type. Let's measure the position to measure horizontally to pass position of the top and sum, three points of the back of the head for two fingers from the base of the upper ear. Approximately +1cm becomes the full scale size of the hat to this size.

In addition, in the case of the hat which you move it at the back of the head and want to put on, you should measure around the position of the top for finger one from a parietal area and the just middle part of the glance and the base of the upper ear.

Aim of average size

  • Small size: 54-55cm
  • Medium size: 56-57cm
  • Large size: 58-59cm
  • LL size: More than 60cm

When you want to take the above for reference well, you should choose it when you want to put it on gently. But, in the case of a hat, there is individual difference even if the size notation is the same. In addition, let's be careful because we may vary according to the brand.

If it is a request in a stylish felt hat, please use THE FAT HATTER. A felt hat of small size is prepared a saliva wide model and big size

The one that I want to put on smartly is unmissable! Size adjustment method of the hat

An electric bulb marks a palm

A feeling of fitting of the hat which I purchased with much effort is not good enough, and is it not a trouble when I do not see it smartly? Even so, please do not give it up. As for the hat, adjustment of the size is possible depending on a laborer.

Do not waste a favorite hat;, please refer to it to save it.

Size adjustment tape

Do you know that there is what's called size adjustment tape on a hat? How to use is simple and only sticks it on an inside sliding part of the hat. I can shorten size by about 1cm if I stick around size adjustment tape one lap.

As for the size adjustment tape, one side becomes the adhesion side. Let's stick it after confirming whether a sliding part of the hat does not have dust and a sweat dirt.

In addition, because it is difficult, at first it puts a semicircle to put around neatly at a time and will check a feeling of size. Still let's already put a semicircle successively when we are loose.

When I feel that only right and left of the hat are big, I recommend that I use size adjustment tape to only right and left. I stick one lap of size adjustment tape which we cut approximately a quarter on right and left, and let's confirm a feeling of fitting.

Stopping up the flow of sweat liner

By the stopping up the flow of sweat liner of the sweat dirt hat, size adjustment is possible. It is easy when I only stick it with the double-stick tape which is attached to an inside sliding part of the hat and is hygienic because it is possible for the washing. Because the attached double-stick tape is the type that the back is hard to be left, it is effective to protect an important hat.

Please use THE FAT HATTER if looking for a good stylish felt hat of the balance.

A stylish felt hat is THE FAT HATTER! The big size, small size, saliva wide など kind is abundant

The felt hat becomes the spice of the fashion regardless of man and woman. At first, for selection of hat, it is basic to know the size of own. I will choose the good thing by all means to dress a felt hat well smartly.

Size adjustment is possible only when it is big when it is not its size. Let's utilize size adjustment tape and stopping up the flow of sweat liner without giving it up.

In THE FAT HATTER, I prepare a popular saliva wide model and big size, felt hat of small size. The person of the request, please use a mail order of THE FAT HATTER in a stylish felt hat.

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