Feldhats are a high-class beaver. The FAT HATTER is a small size, big size,

The luxury of Feldhat is the beaver hat that used the hair of the beaver.The FAT HATTER focuses on the various kinds of beaver hats, so we will introduce you to the following list.Also, if you think you want a hat, but you don't have a hard time, you're not worried that your hat doesn't suit you.

Here, I will introduce you to the selection of a suitable hat, so please see if you need a pittari hat, from a small size to a larger size.

List of Beaver Hats handled by the FAT HATTER

A high-class beaver hat handled by the FAT HATTER is introduced.

"Wiseman," which can be enjoyed by the extreme texture.

Product Names Wiseman
usually price ¥99,000
Size 57cm, 59cm
Characteristics The FAT HATTER is the original beaver hat based on the original beaver 100x.This is a much more rare beaver hat than the luxury beaver hat in circulation because it produces a full note of the rare beaver felt.Enjoy the extreme texture.

"Wiseman Guilty" to change the appearance of each point

Wiseman Guilty
Product Names Wiseman Guilty
usually price ¥110,000
Size 58cm
Characteristics The FAT HATTER is the original beaver hat based on the original beaver 100x.A rare Beaver felt is produced by a full special note, and Beaver felt is the best technique to finish the original good of it.The appearance changes from one point to the next because the hats are burnt and machined.

` HOOKER (TFH-001), ' which is produced by one of the stores

Product Names HOOKER (TFH-001)
usually price ¥93,500
Size 58 cm, 60cm
Characteristics THE FAT HATTER I use the original tree form, and the quantity limited beaver that is produced by one of the stores.Clown is a tall model, and Blim is a long-time model and is attached to the ease of exposure to the head of the Japanese people.This is an anecdote for a high-class beaver hat, which maximizes the good of the beaver, and asks you to do it.

BUTCH, which is characterized by elegant and refined glossy like velvor.

Product Names BUTCH
usually price ¥140,800
Size 54cm, 55cm, 56cm, 57cm, 58cm, 59cm, 60cm, 61cm, 62cm
Characteristics It is a luxury item that uses 100 % pure beavers and a separate note of 200g's weight weight.You can choose from No1 Quality and Tear Drop when you open a high cloud type with a 16-centimeter-level opening.The velvet-like glossy, like a velvet, is the most luxurious product of all the fttohats

If you are looking for a beaver felt hat for a hat maniac, please purchase it at the FAT HATTER.Small size to large size is available.

Small size, large size, how to choose your hat.

When I look at the mirror with a hat, like a felt hat, a malin cap, a beret, and a Panamacht, don't you think it's a little wonder?

At such times, I would rather give up if my hat does not suit me, but I will never do that.but only that his hat did not fit himself, or the size and the angle that he was wearing was imiichi.

When you choose a matching hat, you can hold down four points.

I choose the jastsize.

It is important to feel the size of a hat as well as Western clothes.

think about what to match

Think about how you fit your dress, and select the formes and the colors.

become familiar with

Those who are not accustered to wearing a hat are the first ones who feel strange.However, if you get used to it, you can increase the number of times you wear, and check yourself in mirrors, etc.

make a number of

Fashion leaders did not always have a 100 percent divuls' s temper.I'd like to try a lot of different design and material hats, and choose what they look like.

A high-class Felt Hut, the FAT HATTER with a small size, size, size, and a big size.

If you're not accustomed to wearing a hat, you may feel strange, but you get used to it and become familiar with it.There are many different kinds of hats, so you should first choose what you're going to match your word robes.Of course, you must not forget to size.

The FAT HATTER covers a small size to a larger size.There are many high-grade phertohats too, so please use the FAT HATTER to ask for a capricious hat.

If you're looking for a high-grade Felt Hut, go to the FAT HATTER.

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