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Whenever I watch a movie of yesteryear, the gentleman wears a Panama hat. I think there are many people who have longed for the Panama hat because of its stylish appearance. Although it is called a Panama hat, it is not actually native to Panama.

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What is a Panama hat?

Panama hat

What kind of image do you think of a Panama hat?

In the movies of yesteryear, the astringent gentleman always wore it, so there is an image of a gentleman's essentials. Even if young people wear it, it will be stylish and fashionable, so it has an elegant and fashionable image.

The Panama hat is also a symbol of fashion and has the power to change the behavior of adults into elegance. The popularity of Panama hats has not diminished and continues to be loved around the world.

From its name, the Panama hat is often thought of as a hat native to Panama, South America. However, it is actually a hat made from Panama grass (Tokiya grass), not Panama, but the same South American Ecuador as the home.

Panama grass harvested for Panama hats is boiled, dried and finely chopped. High-end ones naturally have a bright color, while others decolorize and adjust the color. After that, it is carefully woven by skilled craftsmen to become a Panama hat.

The Panama hat has a cool white color and is very popular as a fashionable item that colors from early summer to midsummer. The higher the quality, the finer the mesh, and the silky feel and elasticity.

The shape of the Panama hat looks the same at first glance, but there are many types, such as those with round and flat crowns, those with thin silhouettes, and those with large and narrow brims. The atmosphere changes depending on the shape and how you wear it, so please look for something that suits you.

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Panama hat history


The Panama hat originated in the highlands and coasts of Ecuador, but it has a long history, dating back centuries. Originally, the hats worn by the people of Ecuador near the equator to protect their heads from the sun are said to be the origin.

In the 16th century, quality Panama hats became more and more popular with the Spaniards who landed in Ecuador. At the same time, it has become its present form by mixing with Spanish culture.

After that, the Panama hat was still useful among the settlers as a sunshade essential, and large-scale production began due to rising demand.

In the 20th century, it was worn by President Roosevelt of the United States when he visited the Panama Canal, and when the photograph was disseminated all over the world, it became famous. After that, the Panama hat was announced at an exhibition in Paris, and it has gained high support from all over the world as one of the indispensable fashion items in the summer.

Nowadays, it is very popular not only as a must-have item for gentlemen, but also as a plus-one item that makes you feel like a vacation among fashionable women.

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