The THE FAT HATTER folding type selling high-quality panama hat is how to choose preparation Panama hats

It is the panama hat which is indispensable as a refined fashion item, do you know that there are various kinds and size? In addition, do you not have a problem though I want a Panama hat when you do not understand a thing matching oneself?

Thing which is not worn-out even if I cover here and THE FAT HATTER which I fold it, and handle the discerning high quality panama hat such as types introduce about how to choose panama hat according to a mask, the figure. Please do the one where a thing to match is not readily found in for reference.

How to choose Panama hats mask

Panama hat

The panama hat looks like at a glance similar form, but there is various form. Here, I introduce how to choose panama hat which is easy to adjust to every mask nicely.

Round face

The thing that a crown (part of the head) is round, a flat thing are recommended.


Let's choose the thing of a slim silhouette. I can expect the small face effect when I put it on to deepen it a little.

The square face which swelled of gills

A crown is square-built, and a slightly bigger thing is recommended a part of the saliva.

A triangle and big face

A crown will prefer a thing with a space to the width of the face. The part of the saliva comes very much, too, and eyes are recommended.

Face of the small inverse triangle of the chin

I look good with any type of thing, but a rather thin thing is above all recommended the point of the crown.

When it chooses the panama hat in a mask, it is a point to choose the thing of the line like the silhouette of the face basically. The silhouette which I did not choose the completely opposite type to hide an inferiority complex, and was square-built to the silhouette which was round for the person of the round face, the person of a square face…It is easy to be familiar if I make a という style.

One choosing the slightly bigger thing can wrap a head well, and the person worried about the size of the face is seen clearly. When the person having a small face chooses the compact thing, a small face is emphasized, and people of the size will be easy to be usually familiar if I choose a standard type.

If it is a request in high-quality panama hat, please use THE FAT HATTER. I prepare the panama hat of the folding type.

How to choose Panama hats figure

Man of the model

When I put on a hat, the balance of the whole body is important, and the high-quality Panama hat is no exception.

Slim figure

Towards the on the small side, a small compact type of the saliva is recommended. It becomes a more refreshing impression.

It is the figure solidly

It is easy to take balance, and a slightly bigger type of the saliva is recommended.

Tall one

A slightly slightly bigger type is easy to insist on a Panama hat, and it is recommended, but, as for the person of the slim figure, as for the compact type, I see a style very well still more.

The one where has low back

A compact type is recommended, but the slightly bigger type is recommended saliva for the person of the figure solidly, too.

The Panama hat is extreme popularity for a woman. Because the high-quality Panama hat is a stylish petty person heaping up summer, please challenge it. As for the slim figure, a type having a small saliva is recommended. The person of the ぽっちゃり figure wants to choose the compact thing, but the thing which saliva has a big improves balance firmly.

Even a volume type can break the tall person well, and a compact type will show the small-sized one more lightly.

Please do not give it up at once even if you think that you do not look good with panama hat. I change an angle to take and only nominate some saliva, and it is in an expression different at all. Because you are gradually familiar by putting it together many times, please enjoy the coordinates that seem to be oneself in high quality panama hat.

The high-quality panama hat is THE FAT HATTER! The foldable type prepares

If the panama hat adjusts it to a mask and a figure and chooses you, acquaintance is good and plays an active part for wide coordinates. Above all high-quality パマナハット is very popular as an upgrading item of the usual fashion.

In THE FAT HATTER, I handle the foldable panama hat which is popular among people to want to gather up baggage compactly. The person thinking of a panama hat debut, please use THE FAT HATTER.

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