THE FAT HATTER that sells luxury Panama hats Folding type is also available How to choose a Panama hat

Panama hats are indispensable as elegant and fashionable items, but did you know that there are various types and sizes? You want a Panama hat again, but don't you have a problem if you don't know what suits you?

Here, THE FAT HATTER, which handles high-end Panama hats such as those that do not get tired even if worn and folding types, will introduce how to choose Panama hats by face type and body type. If you can't find something that suits you, please refer to it.

How to choose a Panama hat Face type

Panama hats look similar at first glance, but they come in a variety of forms. Here, we will introduce how to choose a Panama hat that fits nicely to each face type.

Round face

The one with a round crown (head part) and the one with a flat crown are recommended.

Face length

Choose one with an elongated silhouette. If you wear it a little deeper, you can expect a small face effect.

Square face with gills

It is recommended that the crown is square and the brim is large.

Triangle and big face

Choose a crown that is more spacious than the width of your face. A large brim is also recommended.

Small inverted triangular face on the chin

Any type will look good, but the one with a tapered crown is recommended.

When choosing a Panama hat by face type, it is basically important to choose a line that resembles the silhouette of the face. Instead of choosing the opposite type to hide the complex, it's easier to get used to if you have a round silhouette for people with round faces, a square silhouette for people with square faces, and so on.

If you are concerned about the size of your face, choosing a larger one will wrap your head tightly and look neat. For people with a small face, choosing a compact one will emphasize the small face, and for people with a normal size, choosing a standard type will be familiar.

If you are looking for a luxury Panama hat, please use THE FAT HATTER. A foldable Panama hat is also available.

How to choose a Panama hat Body shape

When wearing a hat, the balance of the whole body is important, and a high-class Panama hat is no exception.

Slim figure

For slender people, we recommend the compact type with a small brim. It will give you a cleaner impression.

A solid figure

The large brim type is recommended because it is easy to balance.

Tall people

A slightly larger type is recommended because it makes it easier to insist on a Panama hat, but for slim people, the compact type looks even better.

Shorter one

The compact type is recommended, but for those with a solid body shape, the type with a large brim is also recommended.

Panama hats are also very popular with women. A high-class Panama hat is a fashionable accessory that will liven up the summer, so please try it. If you have a slim figure, we recommend the type with a small brim. If you have a chubby body, you will want to choose a compact one, but one with a large brim will definitely have a better balance.

For tall people, the volume type can handle it well, and for small people, the compact type will look lighter.

If you think the Panama hat doesn't look good, don't give up at once. You can get a completely different look just by changing the angle you wear or raising the brim a little. You will gradually get used to it by matching it many times, so please enjoy your own coordination with a high-class Panama hat.

The luxury Panama hat is THE FAT HATTER! A foldable type is also available

If you choose a Panama hat according to your face type and body shape, it will be familiar to your face and will be useful for a wide range of coordination. Among them, the high-class Pamana hat is very popular as a fashionable upgrade item.

THE FAT HATTER also sells foldable Panama hats that are popular with people who want to pack their luggage compactly. If you are thinking of making your Panama hat debut, please use THE FAT HATTER.

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