The mail order of the panama hat is care and a safekeeping method of the panama hat to big size, THE FAT HATTER dealing with small size

Because the panama hat is expensive in the hat, I want to be careful about a care method in particular. It has a long it without losing shape and can use it habitually if I protect right care and safekeeping method because it is made carefully by a craftsman.

Here, THE FAT HATTER treating discerning panama hat by a mail order from big size to small size introduces about a care method of the panama hat. The person of the request, please do panama hat for reference.

Care for panama hat method

I care for it with a brush

It may be said that I put it on approximately every day that the panama hat which I often take in summer has good skin familiarity and is correct in what kind of fashion. There is it from big size to small size and is popular regardless of a man, a woman.

The panama hat which is easy to usually perform an errand. Therefore it is a dirt and deterioration to be interested. I cannot wash it willingly even if worried about sweat, but introduce a care method to keep it clean even a little.

Sweat is quiet

Not only panama hat, the part which a hat and forehead touch is easy to get wet with sweat, and I am yellowed, and sweat quiet や is low in the neighbor. On a day, I will wipe sweat in a hot towel diligently if I sweat.

Or I may not pollute hat in itself if I complete sweat cloth tape on the part of the inside edge of the hat as sweat quiet measures. But I think about a hygiene side, and I put the sweat cloth tape diligently, and let's change.


In the case of a simple dirt, I may fall when I rub it with a brush and an eraser lightly. When a liquid soaks, moisten carbonated water (thing only for water and carbon dioxide) on cloth, and I float a dirt, and let's wipe it kindly. Still let's wipe it quietly after letting it is light, and benzine soak into cloth when I do not fall, and trying it in the place that at first is inconspicuous.

The wet panama hat wipes off water enough by all means, and, please dry it in the shade at a good place of the ventilation.


I cannot correct the thing which I am tanned, and has changed color for the cause. When we want to keep a white color, let's keep it not to be the day.

Getting out of shape

If a beautiful line of the panama hat collapses, let's put a steam iron on the interested place. Work gloves wear gloves, and prevent heat, and wear steam approximately 5cm apart. I fix the form in the place that became soft, and let's wait to completely cool down.

From small size to big size, please use a mail order of THE FAT HATTER treating discerning panama hat.

Safekeeping method of the panama hat

A forefinger and electric bulb illustration

The safekeeping method is important to let favorite panama hat last a long time. When I took it out in season, the following day when I keep it properly, I may cause getting out of shape.

I know the right safekeeping method, and let's follow important panama hat.

Let's remove dirts before the safekeeping

I stand for a while, and a dirt may stand out when I keep it with there being a dirt.

I wipe hot water with the cloth which we squeezed firmly so that a sweat dirt is not left, and let's dry it well in the good shade of the ventilation. Because dust is easy to collect in the halftone plate, let's wear a brush kindly.

So that the saliva looks up for a getting out of shape hat

As for the panama hat with the saliva, saliva does not seem to look down and I do it upward and keep it.

There should be an exclusive box, but can make it with a cardboard if there is not it. I cut a cardboard so that it becomes the circumference that is slightly bigger than a crown and a pipe of the height and I round around it and only keep it. I set panama hat so that saliva looks up in that. When I keep it for a long term, the desiccating agent will prepare to get damp for prevention.

When I purchase panama hat by a mail order, the box at the time of the purchase will use it for safekeeping use without throwing it away.

Small size prepares big size by the mail order of THE FAT HATTER abundantly

The panama hat wants to let you last a long time as much as a lot of high-quality things are favorites. I may seem to be some trouble, but do not suffer so at time if I get even an art of the care either. I will be usually careful about a dirt and getting out of shape to keep it in an even slightly good state.

A mail order is very convenient if I purchase panama hat. The mail order of THE FAT HATTER is particular about size that a design is abundant, but also can choose the thing which is good to big size, visitor including size having a small it. The person who is looking for panama hat by a mail order, please confirm a product lineup.

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