For Panama hat mail order, go to THE FAT HATTER, which handles large and small sizes. How to care for and store Panama hats.

Panama hats are the most expensive hats, so you should be especially careful about how to care for them. It is carefully made by craftsmen, so if you follow proper care and storage methods, you can use it for a long time without losing its shape.

Here, THE FAT HATTER, which handles Panama hats from large to small sizes by mail order, will introduce how to care for Panama hats. If you are looking for a Panama hat, please refer to it.

How to care for your Panama hat

Panama hats, which are often worn in the summer, are familiar to the skin and fit any fashion, so you may wear them almost every day. Available in large to small sizes, it is popular with both men and women.

Panama hat that is easy to use everyday. What is worrisome there is dirt and deterioration. Even if you are worried about sweat, you cannot easily wash it, but we will show you how to take care of it to keep it as clean as possible.

Sweat stain

Not limited to Panama hats, the part where the hat and forehead touch is easy to get wet with sweat, and it is easy to get sweat stains and yellowing. If you sweat, wipe it off with a steaming towel on the day.

Alternatively, if you put a sweat-removing tape on the inner edge of the hat as a measure against sweat stains, the hat itself will not get dirty. However, for hygiene reasons, change the sweat tape frequently.


For simple stains, lightly rub with a brush or eraser to remove them. If the liquid has soaked in, moisten a cloth with carbonated water (only water and carbon dioxide) to remove dirt and gently wipe it. If it still doesn't come off, lightly soak a cloth in benzine, try it in an inconspicuous place, and then wipe it gently.

Be sure to wipe off the moisture from the damp Panama hat and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place.


Items that have been tanned and discolored cannot be restored. If you want to keep the white color, keep it out of the sun.

Out of shape

If the beautiful line of the Panama hat collapses, apply a steam iron to the area you care about. Wear work gloves and gloves to prevent heat, and steam at a distance of about 5 cm. Shape it in a softened area and wait for it to cool completely.

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How to store Panama hats

To make your favorite Panama hat last longer, the storage method is also important. If stored properly, it may be out of shape when taken out the next season. Know the correct storage method and protect your precious Panama hat.

Let's clean it before storage

If you store it with dirt on it, the dirt may come out after a while.

Wipe with a cloth that has been wrung out with hot water so that no sweat stains remain, and dry it thoroughly in a well-ventilated shade. Dust easily collects on the mesh, so brush gently.

The brim points upward due to the out-of-shape hat

Store the Panama hat with a brim facing up so that the brim does not face down.

It would be nice if there was a special box, but if you don't have one, you can make it out of cardboard. All you have to do is cut the cardboard into a cylinder with a circumference and height slightly larger than the crown, and then roll it up. Set the Panama hat in it so that the brim faces up. For long-term storage, prepare a desiccant to prevent moisture.

If you purchased the Panama hat online, do not throw away the box at the time of purchase and use it for storage.

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Many Panama hats are high-class, and the more you like them, the longer you want them to last. It may seem a little annoying, but it won't take long if you get the hang of it. To keep it in good condition, be careful of dirt and shape loss on a daily basis.

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