Fashionable felt hat to the FAT Hatter foldable products also about beaver, rabbit and sheep

It is a popular felt hat as a fashionable item in autumn and winter, but there are kinds of felt such as Beaver, rabbit, sheep.

Here, the FAT HATTER, a hat shop, explains the types and characteristics of felt hats.If you're looking for a high-quality, stylish felt hat, or a foldable hat, THE FAT HATTER is the place to go.

Types of felt hats 1.Beaver


It is felt used in handicrafts, but do you know that it is actually made from animal hair?

Here we will introduce the characteristics of felt made from Beaver hair.Among the materials of the felt hat, the Beaver is famous as the highest quality.

Its features are、

  • The hair is fine and soft
  • Fine-grained like suede.
  • Thin and soft
  • There's tension.
  • Excellent in cold weather and durability

There is such.

Since beaver fur was sold as a luxury item, the number dropped sharply at the beginning of the 19th century, but now the ecosystem is being restored under the Protection Act.However, beaver felt hats are expensive and traded because they are still scarce due to the scarcity of hair, and fulling and finishing takes time.

Bieber's felt hat is a high-class material that clearly shows the difference in appearance, and its rich texture and texture cannot be compared with other materials.It is a gem of the highest grade that hat connoisseurs admire.

The FAT HATTER produces and sells the finest beaver felt hats.Since it is finished with a technique that makes the most of the goodness of beaver felt,it is recommended for those who want the real thing.There are also collapsible hats, so be sure to buy a stylish and elegant felt hat.

Types of felt hats 2.Rabbit

Rabbit fur, made from rabbit hair, is a popular luxury material.

Its features are、

  • Hair is straight and fine
  • Light and pleasant to the touch
  • Excellent heat retention and warm
  • The dyeing process is beautiful

There is such.

Rabbit hair is easy to handle and has a variety of finishes.
As a kind、

  • Plain fur felt: short and refreshing impression
  • Fine suede: elegant impression with short brushed finish
  • Velour:long and heavy impression

There is such.

Fulling takes time,but it's a dense, supple, fine felt material that's perfect for long-lasting, fashionable hats.

Types of felt hats 3.Sheep

Wool felt can be made relatively cheaply and is widely used in addition to the material of common felt hats.Wool is a curly hair that is different from straight-haired beaver or rabbit, and the surface of the fibers is scaly.

Its features are、

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Excellent hygroscopicity and wicking properties, and not easy to contain moisture even in summer
  • Excellent stainability, not easy to fade
  • Rich in elasticity and not easy to collapse

There is such.

There are grades for wool felt, where long fibers are divided into the top of the raw material (combed) and short fibers of noils (spun wool).The top will be fine and feel good finish.

Wool felt hats vary in quality and price depending on the material.When choosing, make sure that it is not only fashionable, but also feels good.

The FAT HATTER handles fashionable, foldable felt hats

Three hats

Felt made from the hair of Beaver, rabbit and sheep is called fur felt.Among them, Beavers are the finest, and many of them are available at the FAT HATTER.

THE FAT HATTER also offers a collapsible felt hat.If you're looking for a stylish, convenient, and high-quality felt hat, THE FAT HATTER is for you.

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