TRUNK SHOW, which was realized by an offer from override, which is the old nest and origin of our representative Kikuchi, will be held this year as well as last year.
This is the first time that two bases will be held at the same time.
The island will be ordered at "override Minamihorie" in Osaka, and Nakama will be ordered at "Solarie Plaza" in Fukuoka.
Period: May 29th (Sat) and May 30th (Sun) / 12: 00-19: 00

THE FAT HATTER Nakama Shima will come to the store and give you an order hat on the spot.
* Osaka override Minamihorie is an island
* Fukuoka Solarie Plaza accepts orders from Nakama.
* Orders can only be accepted for these 2 days.
* Appointments are not required, but there is a risk that you will have to wait when it is crowded. Please note that.
* As a countermeasure against coronavirus infection, we will thoroughly support wearing a mask, disinfecting fingers, and measuring the temperature.

It will be produced in the atelier attached to the shop in Harajuku.
Without auto-formation, one maker carefully puts all the processes into a wooden mold and finishes it.
This manufacturing method was popular until around the 1950s, but the manufacturing method from wooden molds has poor production efficiency, and it takes time to make many.
Technology is also required, and it will take a lot of time before it can be manufactured.
In our shop, this old manufacturing method gives the original goodness of the material and the appearance when completed
I believe that it is the most beautiful way to pull it out, and I cherish it.

We will also accept hat repairs at the same time.
Regardless of brand, we accept ribbon / slip replacement, resizing / remodeling. Please take this opportunity to bring your desired hat. * We may not be able to accept your request depending on the condition of the HAT. Please note.

■ Order hat fee, flow and time ■

-Normal Rabbit Beret-

¥ 25.000 ~
-Piping Rabbit Beret- ¥ 29.000 ~
-Strew Hat ¥ 30.000 ~
-Rabbit-Farplain / Velor / DeadStock ¥ 40.000 ~
-Panama Grade3 ¥ 40.000 ~
-Rabbit 200gAntelope ¥ 50.000 ~
-Panama Grade8 ¥ 60.000 ~
-Beaver- 2X ¥ 60.000 ~
-Beaver-TFH Original / Dead Stock ¥ 80.000 ~
-Beaver-TFH Original Light Color ¥ 90.000 ~
-Beaver-Rere Beaver ¥ 100.000 ~
▪️Ribbon ¥ 3.000-
▪️Piping ¥ 3.000-
▪️ WindCatcher ¥ 3.000-
▪️Lining ¥ 10.000-
▪️etc ASK

    ■ Order flow ■
    1. Please select the material according to your budget.
    2. Determine the shape and fine details. Top design, brim shape, length, hardness, etc.
    3. Size measurement. Measure the head size with a measure.
    4. If you bring your favorite hat, you can get a more accurate fitting.
    5. Decide on the ribbon topping. Ribbon color, specifications, piping, etc.
    6. Determine the details of the details. Presence or absence of slippage and lining, etc.
    7. Decide the characters to be engraved. Please decide the character of the engraving service.
    8. etc

    * It takes about 1 hour.

    ■ Payment, delivery date and delivery method ■
    "The final amount will be calculated after the order is completed. You will be charged at the cash register as it is. ”
    "Delivery from our shop by mid-July, from Osaka / override Minamihorie, Fukuoka / Solarie Plaza to customers"
    * (The delivery date will be confirmed by the staff when ordering.)

    Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or inquiries regarding the ordering event.
    ・ Inquiry contact form
    ・ For inquiries by phone, please contact our shop (tel: 03-6450-6506)
Why don't you take this opportunity to make an order hat?
All the staff are looking forward to your visit.