We will open a store at the Lightning Online Festival.

We will open a store as THE FAT HATTER at the Lightning Online Festival, which will be held from Saturday, November 28th to Sunday, November 29th.
We also have hats limited to this festival, custom events, lucky bags and surprise price hats.
And we are planning to sell a limited number of hat care items that are a must-see for those who have many hats and hats.
We will guide you through THE FAT HATTER ONLINE STORE, so please look forward to it!
Let's enjoy the festival together! !!

Detailed event information

■ Date / Time / 2020 Year 11 Month 28 Sun ( Sat ) 18:00 ​​29 Sun ( Sun ) 21:00
■ Venue / Lightning Online Festival Official Homepage
■ Admission / ​​1,000 Yen
■ Ticket sales period / 11 Month 29 Day ( Day ) Until 20:30
■ Organizer / Lightning Online Festival Executive Committee A Publishing Co., Ltd.
■ Contact / A Publishing Co., Ltd. Lightning Online Festival Executive Committee
TEL : ​​03-3708-6053 (Weekdays 10 hours- 18 hours)
MAIL: online-inazuma@ei-publishing.co.jp