Guidance of year-end and New Year holidays

2019Year12Month28Day to2020Year1Month3During the day the delivery business, as well as inquiries business online store will be a good night for get the year-end and New Year holidays.

The rest period is also available online store.
Reply to shipping products, as well as contact sales resume2020Year1MonthFourWe will sequentially to correspond than day.

2019Year12Month27With respect to shipment of the day
2019Year12Month27Day is the day15:00Nikanshimashite minute who purchase to date2019Year12Month27We will carry out dispatch procedure on the day. You after the holidays of the year-end and New Year holidays in regard to the subsequent purchase2020Year1MonthFourIt becomes correspondence of the day.


To everyone We apologize for the inconvenience, but we ask you for your understanding.
During this year look forward to special patronage, Thank you very much.
We wish the best wishes of everyone.