Distribute the coupon code for the next purchase of the booked goods for the next purchase!

2021 Spring-Collection Reservations have started.
We will distribute the coupon code (10 %OFF coupons) that will be available for the next purchase of the booked goods to all customers who purchase the advance reservation.

*This is a coupon that can be used for the next purchase of the same brand as the purchased brand.
(Example: MightyShine leading booking products, when purchasing merchandise for MightyShine.)
(Example: Mr. FATMAN Preserving Products →Next time.Mr. FATMANmerchandise ofwhen purchasing)
*This coupon code will be completed at the end of the order and will be sent to you via email as soon as you confirm the completion of the payment.
*The period of use will be until the end of January 2021.
* The coupong code is used only once during the period of use.
*Issue coupons for each purchase.

Watch Products for Coupon Distribution