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SIZE/レギュラー完売の場合はサイズオーダー(S/O)よりお選び下さい。: 58cm



It is a denim cap that uses *flowing fabric for the base.
The big thing that decides the season victory of the airship race.
A skilled mechanic in a team competing for the championship.
It was 15 minutes before the race day, while the bad weather from the previous day prevented us from setting up as we had hoped.
Engine trouble occurred. At that time when everyone was about to give up, repair repair with a genius inspiration,
As a result of making a big breakthrough in the actual race...
He likes caps with crooked brim,
It was covered in oil and was wearing a cap with such a taste that it could not be said to be a beautiful cap.

I wanted to make such a cap, so I made an original brim core,
As a result of using the techniques of the time, we were able to create a cap with a curved brim.
It can be shaped freely, and the denim uses one-washed selvedge denim.
I think that the more you use it, the more you can enjoy the discoloration of the cap.

Using such a flowing fabric luxuriously on the entire surface,
We use slides with elastic cords that are easy to adjust the size.
On the dog tag plate of FACTORY & CO,
D can of the original carved seal is attached,
The lining is also made of cotton with the original logo.

-What is flowing fabric?-
・It refers to the fabrics that come from time to time from hat factories, materials stores, fabric stores, etc. that are related to our shop.
・It is not sold in the market and tends to be disposed of.
・It is a fabric full of fun and commitment that regular fabrics do not have.


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58cm, 60cm, 62cm

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Product dimensions: Brim / cm, crown (flat) / cm

Country of Origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Note: No returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number:3231013