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HILLBILLY made from 1940s US.ARMY DENIM.
We were able to obtain only a few meters of ultra-rare vintage denim fabric and make only 4 pieces from one piece. Vintage denim with a beautiful vertical drop, giving it a great atmosphere.
Since it is a single piece of fabric and has dark and light parts, we had to be careful when cutting, and it will be available in two colors: a dark color and a light color.
INDIGO = dark color, DUSTY BLUE = light color.
Although there is some damage and repair, it is a masterpiece that allows you to enjoy the atmosphere of the time.


1930 was the era of Prohibition. A rebuilt 30's vintage casquette with a big volume form that evokes the atmosphere of the time.

The deep structure makes it a large casquette, so
For those of you who regularly wear THE FAT HATTER's large hats, I think this newsboy cap will fit in seamlessly and give you a sense of security.

Sometimes I want to take off my hat, when my hat hits me when I'm driving, when I'm playing with my kids, on a windy day, when I go shopping in the neighborhood with my wife, etc.
Hats are a bit of a problem, so we created a newsboy cap that can be worn as is without sacrificing style, incorporating THE FAT HATTER ism.

The material is dead stock fabric made in Japan around 1970. While Japanese fashion brands were active all over the world, these were items from the fabric manufacturers that supported the brands behind the scenes.
All parts are also made to order. The front snap button is a quarter snap button that was used for newsboys at the time.

The center bag has a D ring and is engraved with THE FAT HATTER.
A dog tag that resembles a brass tag is also attached.
You can also use it as a key chain by cutting the thread at the four corners.
In addition, all metal parts are dyed and discolored in antique gold in the factory, demonstrating the transformation.

Even in the invisible parts, he is showing off his perversion.
Brim core is usually made using a plastic cutting die,
Several layers of canvas are stacked together, each piece is made by hand and placed inside a brim.
Made with FACTORY & CO's original brim pattern, which is not available in the world.
I think that when you bend the brim and put it on, you can see the effort and coolness that went into it.

When it comes to slipping, THE FAT HATTER is known for I-stitch slipping. Of course, FACTORY&CO also uses I-stitch sliding.

The lining is made of original jacquard fabric woven with satin weave and stamped.

*Because it is a dead stock fabric, there may be changes over time, stains, and insect bites. At FACTORY&CO, we consider all products to be A products based on the characteristics and taste of the product. Thank you for your understanding.
*As this is a dead stock fabric, once the fabric runs out, sales will end and it will be virtually impossible to re-release the same item.
*The composition is unknown as it is a dead stock fabric. Please note.

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58cm, 60cm

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Product dimensions: Brim/6.7cm, Crown (laying flat)/30.5cm, 29.5cm

Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
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