CHEERS PANAMA / Grade8 Panama Quality

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SIZE/レギュラー完売の場合はサイズオーダー(S/O)よりお選び下さい。: 58cm


-CHEERS PANAMA / Grade8 Panama Quality -

Panama material of [CHEERS], which competes for the popularity of 1st and 2nd place among the signature models of THE FAT HATTER, has appeared.

The characteristic of CHEERS is that it has a 13.5 cm high crown and a 9 cm long brim, which is one of the top-class hats in our shop.

By using a custom-made oversized grade 8 Panama material, we have realized the characteristic size of CHEERS even in summer.
Like the felt CHEERS, it comes with a 38mm wide tri-fold ribbon, 10mm piping, and a ceiling lining, so you can see what you can't see when you take off your hat.

By shaping the pinch with a hand shape, you can express the sharp and beautiful lines that are typical of THE FAT HATTER, and it is not only big, but also has a unique presence of CHEERS that is between casual and dress.

Why don't you enjoy the coordination like a hat is the leading role in the coming season when you will be wearing light clothes?

In addition, Sugar Brown is also available as a new color for Spring / Summer 2022.
Please enjoy the big hat with a strong presence that is not so common in the general market even in the summer.

-Grade8 Quality-
Compared to Panama's standard grade 3 materials that are generally available, it has a finer mesh and a perfect balance of supple texture and summer-like sheerness and lightness.
By customizing the oversized size, THE FAT HATTER can be used in various shapes such as high crowns and long brims.
In addition, Grade 8 can shape a pinch with a hand shape that is difficult with Grade 3.
This material is recommended for those who want to wear a hat with a vintage feel that is typical of THE FAT HATTER even in the summer.

Grade8 Panama


55cm, 56cm, 57cm, 58cm, 59cm, 60cm, 61cm, 62cm

Height 13.5 cm
Brim 9 cm
Ribbon width 38mm
Piping 10mm (up 5mm)
Slippery cowhide

[ NOTS ]
Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: TFH 042 PANAMA