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SIZE: 58cm

Panama hat using the Panama hat from Montecristi.
Montecristi is one of the finest products in Panama, where the finer the mesh, the higher the quality.

This name is given only to the cap body made in the small town of Ecuador "Montecristi" over a long period of about 8 months to 1 year.
The finely woven cap body is light, supple and looks like a piece of cloth.
The pinch is finished with a hand shape, making it a sharp and pointed pinch that THE FAT HATTER is good at.

Unusual in THE FAT HATTER, the small design allows anyone to wear it regardless of age, gender, or fashion.

It is a special item made by combining the finest materials and the technology of THE FAT HATTER.
Once you pick it up, you will notice the goodness of the material, and once you wear it, you will notice the goodness of the shape.
Why don't you get a hat of such a living thing?

THE FAT HATTER original HAT BOX is attached.

Natural vegetation (Panama)




Height 11.5 cm
Brim 6cm
Ribbon width 38mm
Slippery cowhide

[ NOTS ]
Country of origin: MADE IN JAPAN
Precautions: We do not accept returns or exchanges.
Inquiry number: Criste